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What is E-Liquid?

The fluid that fuels an electronic cigarette is referred to as e-liquid, or smoke juice, e-juice. E-Liquid is the component of the electronic cigarette that provides the nicotine solution and the flavoring. When heated by the atomizer, the e-liquid is responsible for providing the lovely vapor that mimics traditional tobacco cigarette smoke. E-Liquid can be used to refill your cartridges for ANY E-Cigarette model you own.The key components to premium e-liquid are the followings:

-Flavoring: Taste is the first sense to be heightened when smoking an electronic cigarette, and for some, it?s the most important. Some like the traditional flavor of tobacco or menthol, while others enjoy the other sweet, or fruitful, special flavors, as there are so many different flavors for the tranditional cigarettes in the world. At KiwieCigs.co.nz, we are doing our best to provide you the most comprehensive flavors of the world for your choices.

– Throat Hit: It is the feeling a smoker gets when the nicotine hits the back of their throat while inhaling. This worked well for those wanting a higher nicotine concentration, but left the ?light? smokers without a throat hit.

– Vapor Production: The vapor is the smoke-like substance that is exhaled when smoking an electronic cigarette. When it comes to e-cigarette vapor, most e-smokers will agree, the more the merrier. We have developed to provide a consistently thick vapor that closely mimics that of a traditional tobacco cigarette, with our new E-Cig technology and our special E-Liquid.

– Quality: E-Liquid should be produced with materials approved for pharmaceutical grade, within the proper laboratory facilities, and conducted by trained chemists, ensuring that proper procedures are always followed.

– Storage: E-liquid should always be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid the spoiling of ingredients. All the electronic cigarettes are refillable with E-Liquid actually, including the new 2-piece structure E-Cigs.

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