E-Cig Type of Atomizers – Difference Bteween CE4 and EVOD T2, T3 type Atomizers

E-Cig Type of Atomizers – Difference Bteween CE4 and EVOD T2, T3 type Atomizers


In case you wonder what these silly technical terms mean,  CE4 is a type of atomizer that comes like any new plastic tube looking atomizers that you see everywhere now a days. This has some visible white strings(wick) on two sides which goes from around the top end to the core of the atomizer.

On the other hand the EVOD and T2 or T3 type atomizers look very similar in shape and material but looking closely you will see they do not have those white strings on either side, instead they may have a tiny cylinder looking long metal tube from top to bottom.

The way these two devices work are very different, the CE4 or similar type atomizers pulls the e Liquid through the long strings of wicks towards the top, while the EVOD type has these tiny but visible wicks that are at the base of the core where the heating elements are located. So in other words CE4 works pretty much the opposite way as the EVOD does. You fill the CE4 from the top while you fill the EVOD from the bottom holding it upside down.

The prices are very similar for both atomizers, you may find EVOD and T2 or T3 going for little higher (Average about $4-$6) when the CE4 average price is around $3-$4 depending on where you buy them from.  Remember not all CE4 or EVOD are created equal. The quality, looks even shapes can vary widely along with price. There are over 400 e Cigarette manufacturers only in Shenzhen, China which also means there are at least that many variation in quality and looks. Since there are no set standards for these devices, every other company tries to get creative in designing and building these devices and they all have a mini R&D department in each factory.

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