I want to start vaping was wondering if you could recommend a starter kit and is that all I need to do it?

To start Vaping, you will need a minimum starter kit containing a battery, clearomizer, and USB charger.  In addition, you will need some e-liquid – tobacco or other flavors.  Once you have the minimum setup and are enjoying vaping, you can add another starter kit to have a spare battery and clearomizer for those long days away from home.  When we go out, we sometimes take a spare set  so we know we won’t run out.  However, a 1.6ml clearomizer should last about as long as a 20 pack of cigarettes.

Here is a basic starter kit:


Other fun colors are available here:


Here is a link to a 30ml of Tobacco oil that you can choose medium or high nicotine level:


If you prefer other flavors, you can see the selection here:


Most vapers will use a base of tobacco oil and add the flavors in. However, you can vape just the flavors without adding any tobacco, and you can choose your own mixes.  Your choice!

We have also put together a complete “Kiwi Pak Starter Kit” that includes 2 vaping pens, charger, 30 ml of Tobacco oil and 2 other flavors:


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