What is PG/VG in eLiquids?

Propylene glycol (pg), and Vegetable Glycerin (vg) are the base ingredients of any e-liquid. PG/VG is the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin in the mixture. PG is always first, VG is always second: 70/30 = 70% PG / 30 % VG

100% PG e-liquid will produce very little vapor. This is the most common misunderstanding we see. New Vapers choose 100% PG (we did it too) because it’s the first choice on the list. Then it’s so disappointing when there’s no vapor like you’ve seen in all those videos! It somehow makes it feel like the device isn’t working, but it is. PG will produce more throat hit, carry flavor through better, and it’s thinner. It doesn’t make the vapor though. VG is really thick like honey, makes the vapor, and can decrease the throat hit.

The e-Liquids we sell at KiwieCigs.co.nz are either 70/30 or 80/20

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