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Kiwi E-GO 1100 Battery, EVOD Clearomiser Starter Kit – with 30ml Tobacco Oil and 2x 10ml Extra Flavours – NZ Warehouse



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Product Description

This item is shipped from our NZ Warehouse! 1-3 days delivery within NZ!


The Kiwi E-GO 1100m Battery, with  EVOD Clearomiser Starter Kit has been created by especially for those new to Vaping.  This low price, quality kit gives you everything you need to get started!

What is included in this Starter Kit?

1 x E-GO 1100mAh battery
1 x EVOD clearomiser
1 x E-GO USB Charger
1 x 30ml Tobacco Flavour e-Liquid
2 x 10ml e-Liquid Flavours – Choose from 5 of our most popular flavours
1 x 10ml Empty Needle Bottle – to mix your favourite oil, and ease of fill
1 x Black Zipper Travel Case – protects your unit when you are not Vaping

The E-GO-C type battery is a standard 510-E-GO connection and style, so it will accept many other clearomiser or cartomisers.

5 Click Protected –  5 clicks of the button within 2 seconds to turn the battery on or off
Awesome  capacity at 1100mAh
Works great with EVOD clearomisers and other 510-E-GO type devices
Charge with the supplied charger, most other E-GO chargers will also work.

The EVOD clearomiser has user replaceable cores,   when vapour and/or flavour levels fall below satisfactory levels.

This kit includes 30ml of Tobacco flavoured e-Liquid.  This is the equivalent of 15-20 packs of  ciggies!

  • Cut Tobacco has the taste of a light cigarette
  • USA Red resembles the famous USA brand in the Red box
  • Mentol Flavour

Also included are 2 additional bottles of flavours.  We give you 5 options in this kit with various nicotine levels.  We offer other flavours and nicotine levels.  You can see all of our eLiquids by clicking here.

When you receive your new Kiwi E-GO/E-VOD Starter Kit, visit our Care & Handling page to learn how to take care of your equipment for optimum Vaping and longer life.

Charging your battery

This first charge should be a full 8 hours., or overnight. The lights may indicate the battery is charged, but continue the full charge.  Much like your phone this sets your battery up, and then it generally only takes 2-3 hours.

TIP: Don’t screw the battery onto the charger too tightly. This will damage the firing pin in the battery.  Stop turning when you see the lights are activated.   Similarly, don’t over screw the battery onto the clearomiser.

Filling your clearomiser

When removing from battery  – ensure to grip only the very lower part of the clearomiser to avoid an accidental tank separation!
While holding the EVOD clearomiser upside down, unscrew the base from the main tank section and remove what is the known as the core.
Pour e-Liquid into the tank section, avoiding the  e-Liquid entering the central airway, (this is the middle tube).   Fill to just below this airway carefully, tilting the clearomiser just a little may be helpful, so the e-Liquid runs down the inside of the outer wall of the tank. You are guided by the side windows on the clearomiser.   We have supplied the needle bottle so you can mix your favourite Vape combination, and for ease of fill.
Screw the base back into the EVOD clearomiser with just enough pressure to make a good seal with the main tank section.

On first fill we recommend waiting a few minutes with it in the upright position, this is to allow the e-Liquid time to saturate the inner coil properly. Subsequent refills do not usually require this waiting period, as the inner coil should still be saturated.

Refill as required.  Do not let it run dry or you will taste a burnt flavour and may need to clean or replace the coil. The side window indicates your oil level at any time.

Bottom Coil Head Clearomisers like the EVod make it easy to access and/or replace the coil during the refilling process The neck of the coil simply unscrews from the base.  Be careful not to lose any of the rubber O rings during the process. Ensure new coil is screwed tightly to its base, prior to re-fitting it into the clearomiser – see below

Tip: When removing or attaching an EVOD clearomiser, grip it by the metal base section at the bottom, not by the tank section alone  – this could result in an accidental separation of the tank and coil base

Attach your EVOD clearomiser to your battery.

Screw the clearomiser and battery until you feel the thread grab.  Turn on your E-GO battery if you have not already done so, (5 clicks within 2 seconds), press and hold the button to allow the coil to heat and produce vapour , then inhale. New users may find they need to slow their draw down a bit, play with “burn” times to find what suits you.

TIP:  When the battery has been switched on, hold the unit against your ear and depress the button. You should hear a crackling. If not, minimally tighten the battery,  until you hear the crackling. Then you are good to go. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN !!. This can damage the firing pin in the battery, but it will also strangle the vapour.

Replace the coil head when you notice the vapour and/or flavour production fall off  – this is a gradual thing most often, caused by a slow build-up on the coil  as e-Liquid is vaporized.  Coils can be recycled, once,  by dropping into vodka overnight, washed,  and allowed to dry overnight. It is a good idea to have some replacement coils on hand. – go here –

MORE DETAILED HELP : Visit our Care & Handling page for video instructions



Additional information

Free 30ml Tobacco

Cut Tobacco Medium Nicotine, Cut Tobacco High Nicotine

First Free Flavour

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Second Free Flavour

, , , ,


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