It is very much appreciated!

Am getting to know how to navigate the site now and have never used the coupon/discount before so I am saving a lot of money.  Your clearomisers last so well and delivers more than the local shops ones do so give them a miss now. So thank you very much and all the very best for a long and satisfying business way into the future. It is very much appreciated. My very best regards, Phillip

It arrives within 3 days! Amazing

"I am grateful for the service you provide.  A much better and with less problems than the company called eliquids of -------. Very difficult to navigate through their website. Have given up with them, closed the account and won't consider them again.  Yours is faster, not confusing, easier to navigate so am sticking to your company. When I place an order, I pay for it same day at the time of placing the order and it arrives within 3 days! Amazing.  The last order was placed three days ago and I received it yesterday. Many thanks indeed," Phil.


Loving the service and the Peach flavour oil is amazing. Highly recommend, can't wait to try the caramel when it arrives!

Thank-you for a great product and a great service

Thank-you for a great product and a great service once the communication barrier had been broken :-). Thanks, Josh. PS I will continue to use your services as Im happy with the way I've been dealt with.

Amazing Service!

A big thank you to kiwiecigs.co.nz for their help today. My order is on the way. Amazing service! -- Leanne Manaro

I rate KiwieCigs 10/10

When I had an issue with my Vape I decided to send an email to try resolve the issue. I got a very quick reply the next day and the problem was resolved swiftly and hassle free. I rate KiwieCigs 10/10 on customer service with quick reply and a quick resolution. I'd be happy to buy from them any day! -Zaac  Owaka, NZ 

You guys rock!

Thanks again for your excellent customer service! Thanks KiwieCigs! You guys rock! -- Simon

I’m really enjoying this product

I'm really enjoying this product it gives good vapor and I'm enjoying every single moment using it, LOL. I'm definitely planning on ordering another one of them clear tips and another battery thank you very much I have told my family and friends about this. "I purchased a Blister pack starter kit which arrived earlier than expected.  But it unfortunately contained a leaky CE4-C Clearomizer (replaceable core) Kiwiecigs were quick to respond to my issue They have had a replacement CE4-C sent to me and because it will take 2 weeks to reach me they are direct sending me a standard CE4 so I can continue to Vape in the interlude Two thumbs up ! Because when it comes right down too it It's the putting right that counts !" -- John Hosie


Got the vaping cigs and they are brilliant!   - Mike

Saved $457 in the first month!

First vape on the 6 July 2013, initial outlay $110.00 for kit and $53.00 for nicotine ordered online, Total $163.00. 31 days smoke free @ 20 cigarettes per day at $20 pack $620.00. Saved $457 in the first month! Amazing the way smokers justify the expense, I lost the addiction, thanks to vaping and wonder at the stupidity of it... Charlotte  Wellington, NZ  Thanks for keeping me up to date. I have been really happy with the customer service you've provided and will be recommending you to my friends who are also interested in your products. Thanks again for your help! Mike